Robert and Clara Schumann

Robert Schumann came to Leipzig in 1828 to pursue his studies in law. With prompting and encouragement from piano pedagogue Friedrich Wieck, he decided to pursue a musical career.  Clara Wieck was born in 1819 in the House “Hohe Lilie” at the Neumarkt in Leipzig, and was already a famous concert pianist when she chose to spend the rest of her life with Robert Schumann.  The day after their wedding in the Church of Schönefeld on September 12th 1840, the two newlyweds moved into their first apartment in the Inselstraße.  It was here that Robert Schumann composed his “Spring Symphony” which brought him international acclaim.  The piano concerto in a-minor, which was also composed here, brought fame to the artist couple.   

Love of company and openness for artists – for instance Mendelssohn Bartholdy, Chopin, and Liszt - were the ruling principles in this their first apartment. It was here that Schumann also wrote his reviews and commentary on the contemporary music scene for the “New Journal of Music”, which is still in print today.  Their two eldest children, Marie and Elise, were also born in the Inselstraße.