From our guestbook

"Has been great to be here. Wonderful historic museum." - Accra, Ghana, September 2017


"I’ve researched, played, sung, studied, and appreciated the works of Clara and Robert for over 20 years. Thank you for sharing their home and their writings." - California, USA, September 2017


"So interesting and moving with the children making music!" - New York, USA, August 2017


"It was inspiring to have visited this house! It seems to bring you closer to music of his that you’ve played!" - Barranquilla, Colombia


"It was great to be here. Thanks for this tribute to a wonderful composer." - Ontario, Canada


"So fortunate to have reached here... Greetings from faraway Philippines. Thank you for the music, Robert Schumann – a gift to mankind."


"Wonderful experience! Danke :)" - Spain & Finland, February 2016